Private duty home care software

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Home Care agency software

Private duty home care agencies serve individuals who pay for their own services or who have reimbursement through Long-Term-Care-Insurance (LTCI). The best private duty home care software not only tracks the clients, scheduling and billing, but helps with referral tracking, allows credit card and EFT payments, and keeps family members updated on their loved-ones’ care. Get started with Ankota Cares.

Home Care Software

To start, you need all the “basics” of home care software including client management, care plans, caregiver management, scheduling, caregiver EVV telephony and mobile apps, billing and payroll¬†

CRM - Referral Tracking

The strongest and fastest growing private duty home care agencies cultivate relationships with referral sources and cultivate those lead sources in order to grow. Your home care software needs to track referral sources and leads.

Credit Cards and EFT

The best way to keep your revenue flowing from your private duty agency clients is to be able to accept payments via credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Your home care software should accept credit card payments. 

Keeping Families Connected

One tough challenge for home care agencies is staying connected with the families of the clients you care for (who are often paying the bills). You need ways to stay in tough and keep families abreast of their loved-one’s care.

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